UPV Tacloban College, Leyte Samar Heritage Center invites you to join the Lugar La: Place and Placemaking Roundtable Discussion Series

UPV Tacloban College, through the Leyte Samar Heritage Center, invites you to join the Lugar La: Place and Placemaking Roundtable Discussion Series to be held this March 2022. The series aims to foster interdisciplinary dialogue on the challenges and potentials of place and placemaking.
On March 16, 2022, the Lugar La: Roundtable Discussion will hold its first session, on the theme “Natural Landmarks and Built Spaces.” The session will explore how citizens can facilitate shared responsibility and a values-driven approach towards the regeneration of natural landmarks and built spaces as place-based assets embodying culture and heritage.
To register for the first session, please click here.
The second session, on the theme “People in/and Places,” will be held on March 23, 2022. It will explore how people’s narratives of places shape the spaces they live in, and how people’s memories of place inform rebuilding efforts after natural and manmade calamities.
To register for the second session, please click here.
The third session, on the theme “Placemaking Methodologies,” will be held on March 30, 2022. It will explore how placemaking can be a useful tool and methodology for engaging stakeholders, co-designing public spaces, and building communities.
To register for the third session, please click here.
The series takes its cue from ‘lugar,’ the Waray term for place, space, location, or position. ‘Lugar la’ is an expression among commuters to signify that they would like to get off the bus or jeepney at a particular place. This expression or action can be analogous to the efforts of scholars to locate their research in specific locales, geographies, histories, and epistemologies.
Join us in these conversations by clicking on the registration links above. See you there!