Student Organizations

There are 48 college recognized organizations, which includes:

Academic Program-Specific Organizations:

  • JPIA
  • Politikons
  • Psych Circle
  • EcoSoc
  • InterSoc
  • Biosoc
  • Ideopraxist

Geological-Based Organizations

  • OrSiCUP
  • HINGYAP etc…


  • UP Runggiyan
  • UP Halcyon, etc…


  • Animo
  • Amplify
  • UP, etc…

Fraternities and Srorities

  • TGP
  • TOM
  • APO

Political Parties

  • PULSO Han Mag-aaram
  • KALAYAAN Lihok
  • Mag-aaram, etc…

Student organizations are formed by students with common interests and has its own constitutions, rules, and activities. Student organizations will only be considered by the college of it complies with and abide by the rules set by the university and by the college.