Office of the Continuing Education and Pahinungod

       The Office of the Continuing Education and Pahinungod (OCEP) is mandated to serve as the extension and public service arm of the College. It offers various training courses and programs, which improves and enhances the capacity of its end users. Some of its programs include the Teaching Enhancement Program for Senior High School Teachers, Training-Workshop on Cloud-based Applications for Teaching, and Training-Workshop on Science and Math Investigatory Projects to name a few. The office has been accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider in the region.

Trainings, Programs and other Services

Teaching Enhancement Program

The Teaching Enhancement Program envisions to equip newly hired Senior High Teachers with the necessary skills and competencies in the pilot implementation of Senior High School. UPVTC has considered the implementation of the K to 12 program as an opportunity to make a contribution to the community by training the Senior High School teachers in the delivery of the subjects or courses that were downloaded to their core curriculum, which were formerly taught in universities and colleges.

Training-Workshop for Cloud-Based Applications for Teaching

The project is designed to train existing and newly-hired Senior High School Teachers on the different cloud-based applications that will aid teaching, learning and assessment. This program is envisioned to further expand and upgrade the teaching strategies of the Senior High School teachers as well as to promote paperless class activities and flexible class management. This training will lead the teachers in the region to a more efficient and hassle-free classroom and student management system. This will surely help the teachers improve their skills and competencies on Information and Communication Technologies.

Training-Workshop on Scientific and Mathematics Investigatory Projects

This program envisions to equip the teachers, in elementary, junior high school and senior high school, handling research subjects with the necessary skills and competencies expected of a research teacher. The program has the following objectives:

1. Intensify the science program in conduction Science Investigatory Projects,
2. Capacitate participants with the technologies on developing Mathematics Investigatory Project,
3. Conceptualize possible research topics which are doable and easy to translate to their respective schools,
4. Inculcate among the teachers how to propagate the culture of research to their students and other teachers.

Summer Art Workshop

The Summer Art Workshop is a yearly income-generating activity of the office for aspiring young artists and art enthusiasts. The program aims to:

1. Develop the participants’ creativity and imagination through the use of different art materials, tools, and techniques
2. Foster enjoyment and appreciation for the visual arts

Other Services

The Office of the Continuing Education and Pahinungod also offers other extension services such as:

1. Information Services
2. Community Outreach Services
3. Innovations and Technology Transfer Services
4. Direct Extension Servic