Limited face-to-face student activities now allowed in UP Tacloban campus

Students who are enrolled in the mid-year term of AY 2021-2022 and officers and members of the Student Council and recognized student organizations enrolled in AY 2021-2022 (i.e. 1st and 2nd semester) may reserve a slot for the use of campus facilities. Read the guidelines below to know how.
Use of College Library & TLRC:
1) Only students enrolled in the mid-year term are allowed to use the College Library and TLRC.
2) Log in to If you are a first-time user of the system, you will be prompted to register in order to receive your login credentials. The cut-off time for registration is 4:00 PM on working days. Registrations beyond 4:00 PM will be processed the next working day.
3) Wait for your login credentials to be emailed by the Reservation Manager. Using the login credentials sent to you by email, log in to and make a reservation at least one day before your scheduled visit. The system does not allow a same-day reservation and multiple reservations by the same user.
4) To make a new reservation, wait for your current reservation to expire. A new reservation can be made only when the first reservation date has passed.
Use of AS and DM Classrooms, MPB, Student Lounge, AS and DM Grounds, and Sports Facilities:
A. The following group activities will be considered:
– Meetings and activities of officers and members of recognized student organizations
– Student sports activities
– Face-to-face class activities authorized by College Crisis Management Committee
1) The Student Council and student organizations should reserve a slot with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) at least three working days before the requested slot. Before making a reservation, read the OSA guidelines for on-campus student organization activities here:
2) Fill in the online request form at and wait for the notification of approval from OSA.
B. Use of DM classrooms is only for BS Accountancy and BS Management students who are enrolled in Practicum courses in the mid-year term, subject to approval by the College Crisis Committee.
1) Reservations must be made before the date of use (at least one day for the College Library and TLRC and at least three working days for the student organization and sports activities). Students without valid reservations/bookings will not be allowed entry to the campus.
2) Students with valid reservations should present a valid ID and proof of vaccination at the gate and, if required, at the specific facility to be used.
3) Schedules will be strictly observed. Students should leave the campus at the end of their approved schedule. There shall be no loitering on campus.
4) Students must follow all health protocols – i.e. refrain from coming to campus if you have fever, cold or cough, or otherwise feeling unwell; wear a face mask; sanitize your hands; and observe physical distancing and the foot traffic scheme on campus. Safety officers will monitor all users of campus facilities for compliance with health protocols.
5. Students should use the designated entrance gates, as follows:
TLRC and College Library- Sto. Niño Extension DM gate (in front of AS Gate)
AS rooms and facilities- Sto. Niño Extension AS gate
DM rooms and grounds- Magsaysay Blvd. DM gate (in front of Leyte Park)