Leyte Samar Heritage Center


The Excerpt from the Minutes of the 1091st Meeting of the Board of Regents states that, the Leyte Samar Heritage Center (LSHC) was originally established in October, 1996 to serve as the research and extension unit of UPV Tacloban College. Among others, its original concept paper emphasized that the LSHC is “envisioned to serve as a Center for studies of the various aspects of Leyte-Samar culture and environment for the purpose of development. The major thrust of the Center is to study life in Eastern Visayas in order to help in the empowerment of the poor and the general amelioration of the economy.”

After 23 years, a lot of things still need to be accomplished to adequately fulfill the original mandate of the LSHC. After more than two decades, numerous initiatives still have to be undertaken to fully achieve the Center’s raison d’être or reason for existence. Part of these initiatives is the revitalization and restoration of the Center’s physical facilities most especially after the onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda. Coupled with the need to keep the Center abreast with the environmental, academic and organizational transformations that UPVTC continues to go through, the LSHC has to assimilate relevant changes that are, among others, attuned to the disciplinal expertise of the faculty as well as the new challenges and demands of regional and national development.


Under its current leadership, the LSHC, since 2017, continues to engage in the following initiatives:

1. Promotion of cultural education among various types of clientele, both within and outside the UPVTC campus. A few examples include: a) Pahimangno: An Eastern Visayan Art Exhibit held last October 24 to November 24, 2018, b) Pagpa-angbit: History, Techniques, Trends and Trailblazers of Philippine Choral Music with Prof. Janet Sabas-Aracama, Artistic Director of the UP Concert Chorus, c) Koro Panbata: A Seminar-Workshop on the Principles and Techniques of Teaching Children’s and Youth Choirs with Miss MJ Egloso and Profs Jude and Ma. Theresa Roldan, d) A Seminar-Workshop on the Rudiments of Festival Choreography and Indigenous Philippine Music in partnership with the Pintados Foundation, Inc. e) Banda Uswag: A Visual and Music Fusion Workshop for Marching Bands and a lot more. For its 24th anniversary celebration, the LSHC will undertake a lecture concert series entitled, “Pasundayag: Promoting and Enhancing Cultural Education in Eastern Visayas.”

2. In line with its research function, the LSHC has undertaken research-oriented activities like: a) institutionalization of the Undergraduate Research Symposium, b) the conduct of a conference entitled, “Hurohisgutay: Stakeholder’s Consultation Conference and College-wide Agenda Setting Workshop” which was designed to conceptualize and formulate the research agenda of the College, as well as facilitated the conduct of a research project entitled, “Integrated Lake Conservation Program in Leyte.” Other research and publication proposals have likewise been prepared like: a) Koro Leyteño Atbp: Choral Arrangements of Selected Traditional Songs in Eastern Visayas and b) Pagbayaw: The Musical Contributions of Melvin Corpin to Eastern Visayan Culture and Beyond.

3. In fulfillment of its extension function, the LSHC has served as home to the Sinirangan Chamber Singers, a community-based choir trained and directed by Miss Mary Jeane Egloso, a cum laude graduate of the UP College of Music and an alumna of the internationally acclaimed Philippine Madrigal Singers. The Sinirangan Chamber Singers continues to be instrumental in the promotion and dissemination of Philippine choral music, in general, and Eastern Visayan musical culture, in particular.

4. In order to effectively fulfill its mandate, the LSHC continues to collaborate with relevant entities like: a) the Pintados Foundation, Inc., b) the Eastern Visayas Choral Association, Inc. c) the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA), d) the Provincial Government of Leyte, etc.