Leyte-Samar Heritage Center

"Private Robert Grason"

"Gregorio del Pilar and his troops"

"Sultan and his warriors"

"Filipino soldiers during lull of fighting"

"Guerillas in Samar"

"Muslim scouts in Sulu"

"Captured Emilio Aguinaldo under guard"

"General Miguel Malvar"

"San Juan del Monte brigde where the first shot of the Filipino-American was fired"

"Huts used by Filipinos as headquarters"

"Muslim Centre at a guard post"

"Filipino fortification overrun by the Americans"

"Trains used to transport American soldiers"

"Execution platform for Filipino criminals"

"American troops parade in the U.S. before leaving for the Philippines"

"Filipino soldiers parade in Malolos"

"Malolos Congress in session"

"American troops preparing for war infront of the Barasoain Church"

"American troops waiting for battle"

"Filipino troops on their way to the battle fronts"

"American soldiers firing from their trench in Bulacan"

"American soldiers bringing supply to the battle front"

"American soldiers carry their wounded"

"Muslim warriors prepare for battle"

"American officer instructing his troops"

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