History of UPV Tacloban College

On May 23, 1973 and in its 833rd Meeting, the UP Board of Regents granted then UP President Salvador P. Lopez the authority to open a UP branch in Tacloban City starting in the first semester of Academic Year 1973-1974. UP Tacloban was established to pursue the following general objectives: (1) Provide quality education in the Eastern Visayas region and turn out graduates who possess essential attributes for becoming productive and responsible members of the community; (2) Undertake and encourage scientific research in public affairs that will help illuminate phenomena as well as serve practical values of resolving problems and enhancing regional development; and (3) Offer technical assistance to the community, viz., government, business, and the public at-large toward the further improvement of the quality of life in the Eastern Visayas region. The specific objectives set forth were:

(a) To provide professional leadership in the region;

(b) To produce humanist and development-oriented professionals;

(c) To act as catalyst of change;

(d) To contribute to the over-all national efforts to remedy the imbalance in the distribution of resources; and

(e) To enhance individual and group participation in the over-all national development efforts. At this time, the college was being referred to as University of the Philippines at Tacloban.