UP Tacloban Division of Humanities celebrates 2022 Arts Month with Pasundayag ngan Uruistorya

Three episodes of an online exhibition and panel discussion featuring a variety of art forms completed the 2022 Arts Month celebration of UP Tacloban. With one episode on film and the other two on the performing arts, Pasundayag ngan Uruistorya capped off the series of activities in February with a positive outlook on the arts scene in the region through the many opportunities for creative productions in the digital space.
Extending this year’s theme, “Paglara, Paglaum” (to weave, to hope), Pasundayag ngan Uruistorya or “performances and talks” consisted of a showcase of creative works, an artist talk, and an open forum highlighting the role of the virtual mode and online platforms in sustaining and expanding artistic productions during this pandemic.
The first episode, organized by the PE faculty of the Division of Humanities, started with a viewing of the tinikling and a contemporary dance piece entitled “Exuberant” from the SAMLEYAW Performing Arts Group; and a hip-hop dance choreography incorporating styles like swing, modern jazz, and even ballet by Mr. Richard L. Amoyan. Afterwards, dance experts shared their insights about the unifying theme of the performances: living with the effects of disasters such as supertyphoon Yolanda and the current health crisis through dance. Among those who discussed how the experience of the pandemic enabled new ways of perceiving dance as a practice, an art form, and a coping mechanism were Mr. Miguel Lemuel Emmanuel Dumas of Leyte Normal University, Asst. Prof. Alberto Dimarucut of UP Diliman, and Mr. Ernesto Flores Jr. of the dance group HHSlick Tacloban.
Film was the focal point of the second episode. Featured were six experimental short films of the CMS 121 (Video Productions and Techniques) students of DH’s Mr. Jericho Aliposa. Filmmakers Mr. Jeremiah Magoncia and Panx Solajes joined the discussion that followed. The episode talked about how film is a collaborative art form that can be born in times of crisis, especially when a filmmaker knows their purposes and motivations. The discussion also elaborated how the audience can derive endless possibilities of meanings from the art form.
The trilogy concluded with a premiere of and talkback on three original plays by TA 108 (Acting) students of the BA Communication Arts program. Actress-dramaturg Ms. Ina Azarcon-Bolivar of the Dulaang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas (DUP) and actress-educator Asst. Prof. Olive Nieto of UP Diliman gave their thoughts about the digital theater plays entitled, “Selpon”, “Uberdrive”, and “Marites”. The pair also shared that embracing the technological glitches and connectivity issues that go with each production have now become a part of the theatre experience. Episode 3 also dealt with points on teaching and making theatre remotely and how the practice of which should really involve the students who are considered digital natives of contemporary times.
In all of the episodes, how dance, film, and theatre will evolve through the digital space post-pandemic, punctuated the discussions with a hopeful tone for what’s in store for innovators, learners, and enthusiasts of the arts.
Paglara, Paglaum was co-organized by the Division of Humanities and Leyte Samar Heritage Center. Other activities of this year’s Arts Month include the seminar-workshop, “Pagpaangbit: Teaching the Arts”, and the literary conversations in “Huruhisgutay/Tsika-LIT”. -PTAmascual
The guest artists, speakers, and some of the participants of Pasundayag ngan Uruistorya Episode 1 (Dance)
The guest artists, speakers, and some of the participants of Pasundayag ngan Uruistorya Episode 2 (Film)
The guest artists, speakers, and some of the participants of Pasundayag ngan Uruistorya Episode 3 (Theater)