Ka-agi ha Ladawan (History in Image): An Online Photo Exhibit of the Filipino-American War.

Today, the UPVTC Leyte Samar Heritage Center (LSHC) celebrates its 25th anniversary with the theme “Kanu-og para Han Kultura ngan Kalibungan Han Sinirangan Bisayas” (“Drumroll for Eastern Visayan Culture and Environment”).

As part of the celebration, LSHC presents “Ka-agi ha Ladawan (History in Image): An Online Photo Exhibit of the Filipino-American War.” The exhibit runs from 24 October to 6 November 2020.

To view the exhibit, click the link: https://tac.upv.edu.ph/kaagi-ha-ladawan/

From the curator’s notes:
“Ka-agi ha Ladawan (History in Image) features a selection of 25 photographs which depict scenes from one of the most crucial periods in Philippine history, the Filipino-American War at the turn of the 20th century. In its 25th anniversary, the Leyte Samar Heritage Center (LSHC) seizes the opportunity to explore the possibilities of re-presenting the photographs online—in a realm that many of us thought we had command of, but which the current pandemic has compelled us to interface with on new levels. In this way, the exhibit invites reflections on photography and history and on the ways they are presented and represented. A possible guide in these reflections is the Visayan term for history, “ka-agi,” as it intimates a unique imagination of the past, which is understood as both iterant and itinerant. Ka-agi ha Ladawan engages this conception to call to mind, in the first sense, the photos’ presentations of history and, in the second, the photos’ history of presentations.”