Guidelines on the Conduct of Remote Learning in UP Tacloban

1) All courses will be delivered via the UP Tacloban Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Each class has its own course site on the VLE.
Course sites will be opened to students at 8:00 AM on 10 September 2020.

2) To access the course sites of the courses you are enrolled in, log in to the VLE at using the username and password sent to the email address you used in the CRS. If you encounter any issue when logging in, email the VLE Helpdesk at

3) Once logged in to the VLE, the courses you are enrolled in will be visible on your dashboard. If a course you enrolled in is missing from your dashboard, email the VLE Helpdesk (include a scanned copy of your Form 5). To enter a course site, simply click on the course name on your dashboard.

4) Once inside a course site, you will see all or part of the course pack (i.e. the learning resources for the course). Read the course
guide first and other instructions posted by your instructor. And then familiarize yourself with the course site and do the initial
activity/ies indicated.

5) Follow the schedule of course activities and other course guidelines. If you have concerns, communicate with your instructor as soon as possible using the contact information indicated in the course guide.

6) The course packs in whatever form (digital/electronic or printed) are intended only for your use in connection with the courses that you are enrolled in. They are not for distribution or sale. Permission should be obtained from your instructor for any use other than what is intended.

7) Sharing/Posting of any part of the course pack and/or the course site on social media constitutes a breach of guideline #6 above and is not allowed.

Have a safe and fruitful semester.