The Bulig Biliranon Movement gives ‘Bulig Packs’ to municipalities of Biliran and Caibiran

Bulig Biliranon Movement is a public service initiative of UP Angkon, an organization composed of UP Tacloban students from Biliran province, which aims to provide basic necessities to families of farmers, fisherfolk, laborers, and other ‘no work, no pay’ citizens of Biliran. Since its launch on 27 March 2020, the project has received countless donations, both cash and in-kind, from generous donors. The project also helps the local economy by purchasing goods and raw materials from the local farmers and fisherfolk of Biliran.

The Bulig Biliranon Movement has given ‘Bulig Packs’ to 332 families in the municipalities of Biliran and Caibiran. Each ‘Bulig Pack’ consists of food packs (locally sourced rice, fruit, and vegetables, dried fish, and basic spices like onion, garlic, soy sauce), hygiene kits (antibacterial soap, detergent soap, toothpaste, alcohol), a gardening kit (vegetable seeds and backyard gardening informational materials in vernacular), and COVID19 info pack (printed information materials about COVID19 in the vernacular).