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Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

History of DNSM

The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (DNSM) is one of the present academic division that branched out from the four program clusters that evolved in the instructional structures in the mid 1980’s: Arts and Sciences Program, Agricultural and rural Development Program, Management and Technology Program NS THE Graduate Studies Program. Through the focused supervision of the U.P. Visayas administration and periodic assessments conducted by the UPVTC faculty from the 1990’s to the present, the said division began to produce potential graduates trained to become future leaders in the field of Biological/ Environmental Science and Computer Science.

The Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is offering two undergraduate programs which is the BS in Biology and BS Computer Science. Also, the division implemented its first graduate program in Environmental Science last August 2019 which was adopted from SESAM UP Los Baños.

The division produces biologists and doctors who have been immersed in studies of natural environment of the region. Specimens collected from various part of the Eastern Visayas are now part of the division’s permanent Flora and Fauna Specimen Exhibit. Local traditional medicinal herbal species researched and collected by some faculty and their students have been planted in the Kalap Traditional Flora Garden in the UPVTC campus. Considering the limited laboratory facilities, the marine biology students have the entire region as their field laboratory. They produce theses that are remarkable for their concerns in the conservation of regional environment such as those rivers, lakes and bays in Leyte-Samar islands which are already threatened industries. The dynamic DNSM faculty inspire their students with actual involvement in primary researches, international conferences, publications and environmental conservation efforts as their findings become part of their lessons.


To be a center of academic excellence in the field of Biology, Math and Computer Science.


To prepare potential young minds to become leaders in the field of Biological/ Environmental Science and Computer Science by providing them the necessary skills and motivation to excel in the area of research and education within those fields.