Division of Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences was created effective 1 March 1999 pursuant to the approval of the BOR on its 1126th meeting on 26 November 1998.



The vision, mission and objectives of the new Division was identified during the Division’s Planning and Review Workshop which was conducted on 8 November 1999.


A center of leadership and excellence in social sciences education research and extension.



  • To provide students with a liberal and humanistic education infused with a passion for learning and a high sense of moral and intellectual integrity.
  • To develop well-rounded social science professionals who are value-laden; research, development, and service-oriented, critical, articulate and gender fair.


  • To produce competent social science practitioners who can contribute to regional as well as national development.
  • To produce graduates who can analyze and respond creatively and innovatively to the various situations/phenomena in the social world.
  • To produce graduates with a passionate commitment to the quest for social; justice and peace in all fields of endeavor.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) Political Science


The Division of Social Sciences has:

  • Seven (7) classrooms (AS Room 14, AS Room 21, AS Room 22, AS Room 23,
    Psychology Laboratory, Psychology Room and Social Science Laboratory)
  • Each classroom has one (1) unit of functioning Overhead Projector
  • Electric Fans
  • One (1) Air conditioning Unit (Psychology Laboratory, Psychology Room and Social Science Laboratory)
  • One (1) glass board and
  • one (1) white board. One classroom (AS Room 21) has a 65” LED TV.