Division of Management


The center of excellence in management and accountancy education in Eastern Visayas


  • 1.To produce globally-competitive and conscientious leaders in the field of business management, accountancy, public governance and entrepreneurship;
  • 2.To generate new knowledge and systems for the enrichment of instruction and public service; and
  • 3.To provide relevant programs in support of local and regional development and for the continuing professional education of managers and accountants.

Curricular Offerings:

  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)
  • Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM)
  • Master of Management (Business Management) (MMBM)
  • Master of Management (Public Management) (MMPM)

Division of Management Faculty
No.# Name Position Academic Background
1Alcazaren, Rosechill S.Instructor 4BBA Management, MMBA
2Aldaya, Julie Jean A.Instructor 2BSA, Currently Enrolled in MMBM
3Cagara, Richard V.*Assistant Prof 4ABSS-Economics, MMBA
4Castroverde, Michael Earl B.Instructor 3BSM, Currently Enrolled in MMBM
5Cinco, Maria Melba I.Assistant Prof 1BASS-Pysch, MMPM, Current Enrolled in DPA
6Colaba, ArseƱito B.Assistant Prof 7BA Econ, MMPM, PhD Phil Educ’l Admin
7Dacuyan, Flordeliz B.Assistant Prof 7BBA Mgt, MMBM, MS,Currently Enrolled in PhD Dev’t Mgt
8De Veyra, Arvin L.Assistant Prof 7 / Associate DeanBBA Acctg, MBA
9Elizaga, Noel B.Assistant Prof 3BSME, MSIT, DIT
10Espina, Darren Jacobs S.Instructor 3BSA
11Evangelista, Emma R.Assistant Prof 1BSA, MMBM
12Exconde, Amy Joan E.Assistant Prof 7BS Inland Fisheries, MMPM
13Lorenzo, Anida Bernadette B.Assistant Prof 5BBA Acctg, MM
14Maraya, Shirley N.Instructor 3BBA Mgt, MM
15Obregon, Ma. Mariel May C.Instructor 2Currently Enrolled in MMBM
16Ruales, Joseph Brian M.Instructor 3Currently Enrolled in MMBM
17Sabalo, Virgildo E.Associate Prof 7Agribusiness, MMBM, DMHRM
18Sescon, Maria Joelyca O.Instructor 1BSM, Currently Enrolled in MMBM