Dayón Kita Ha UP Tacloban!

Dear incoming freshies and returning students, welcome to a new academic year at UP Tacloban!

To help get you off to a good start to Academic Year 2022-2023, we are holding Dayón Kita Ha UP Tacloban, an on-campus event on 31 August-2 September 2022.

This is your chance to meet the College faculty and officials in person, (re)connect with and hang out on campus with your schoolmates, clarify some important aspects of University life and your degree program, and be reenergized for the year ahead by the mini student organizations fair.

Each year level is assigned a schedule for the on-campus event:

30 August – Incoming freshies
31 August – Sophomores
1 September – Juniors
2 September – Seniors and 5&up

Let us know whether you can attend this get-together at UP Tacloban by filling out the form assigned for your year level:

Form for incoming freshies:

Form for sophomores:

Form for juniors:

Form for seniors and 5&Up:

Register for the event on or before 19 August 2022.