Administrative Offices

Accounting Office

Brief Description

The accounting office is mainly in-charge of the processing and accounting of all financial transactions of the college.


A fully automated accounting system that process and account all financial transactions of the college.


  • To produce reliable information concerning past operations and present conditions;
  • To provide basis for guidance for future operations;
  • To provide control of the acts of its officials and employees in the receipt, disposition and utilization of public funds and properties; and
  • To report timely the financial position and financial performance for the guidance of all persons concerned


  • Receive and forward disbursement voucher (DV) and purchase order (PO)
  • Process disbursement voucher (DV) for payment to creditors or claims for payment submitted from other offices and those prepared and processed by accounting staff
  • Process liquidation vouchers (LV) of cash advances (CA) of UPVTC employees
  • Process payroll account (salaries, wages and other benefits due) of UPVTC employees
  • Process claims for first/last salary, terminal leave, service recognition pay (SRP), and other benefits
  • Process tax remittances to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and contributions to
    Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF)/Pag-IBIG Fund,
    Philippine Health Insurance Corporation(PHILHEALTH) and other organizations/agencies
  • Process telephone and delivery services bill and student loans
  • Compute interest earned upon payment of student loans
  • Process refund of tuition fees of students and issue clearances to them
  • Process and issue certifications (premiums/contributions/loan payments to other agencies; last salary; etc.)
  • Prepare Journals, Trial Balance, Financial Statements and Other Reports for UPV Iloilo, COA, UP System & other Reporting Authorities
Accounting Personnel

Name Position
1 Karen L. Reyes Head Accounting Office
2 Rey Espannto Financial Analyst
3 Leo V. Babali Payroll Specialist
4 Charito Dupio Administrative Assistant
5 Eden Cabigon Administrative Aide

Cash Office

Mission: To provide efficient and effective cash management services to external and internal clients of the College, taking into account the standard rules and regulations of collection and disbursement of government funds.


  • To efficiently receive cash collection from external and internal clients and to ensure that the same is properly accounted for.
  • To accurately pay-out both cash disbursements to correctly identified recipients of the funds.
  • To ensure that all collection and disbursements of cash are properly recorded to the corresponding bank account records.
  • To safe-keep cash and accountable forms for security and transparency.

Supply and Property Services Office

According to Section 27 of Executive Order No. 9 of the UP President dated 25 July 1983, and subsequently approved by the Board of Regents on September 8, 1983, clearly defined the functions of SPSO as;

  • Procure and issue supplies, materials and equipment.
  • Maintain the central inventory records of properties
  • Effect a systematic and coordinated transfer of supplies, materials and equipment from one person/unit to another, including the preparation and processing of documents required from such transactions, and sell, or dispose of, supplies, materials and equipment which are obsolete, condemned or surplus

It shall conduct bidding for the disposition of disposable property and develop standards and criteria for determining their utility.

Mission and Goals of the Unit:

  1. To make readily available to offices/divisions their supplies and materials for the quarter so as to effect a systematic transfer of supplies, materials and equipment from one unit to another.
  2. To effectively dispose of supplies, materials and equipment which are obsolete, condemned or surplus.
  3. To conduct bidding for the provision of security and other services and for the procurement of needed equipment.
  4. To create a database system on monitoring and management of UPVTC’s office supplies, property and equipment.

Personnel Services Office (PSO)

The Personnel Services Office (PSO) of the College acts as a servicing unit of the Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) of the UP Visayas, Miag-ao Iloilo. As a servicing unit, it is responsible for the human resources management of the UPV Tacloban College. It has three (3) major functions:

  • It oversees the appointments of both the academic and administrative personnel of the College;
  • It is responsible for the management of the leave credits administration and other benefits of the employees; and
  • It is generally in-charge of the maintenance of the personnel actions and personnel records management.

PSO Service Standards

The Personnel Services Office is just a servicing unit of the HRDO-UPV. Thus, it processes requests for Service Records/Employment Certificate for local purposes only.
This kind of service has no prescribed form/template and no payment is required upon request/release.

Personnel Services Ofice

Name Position
1 Telesforo S. Sales Supervising Admin Officer
2 Maria Vivian J. Montes Administrative Officer IV, OIC
3 Pablo U. Bonida Administrative Assistant II
4 Debbie Rowena B. Relles Administrative Assistant II

Security Services Office

General Function of the section/unit

Provides 24-hour security/protection to its constituents/guests/visitors, physical assets, properties, facilities and immediate premises situated in the Arts and Sciences (AS), Bagong Lipunan (BL), Capitol, and Sta. Elena campuses including Apitong Farm.